Join Dr. Colatrella for a Free Seminar on Dry Eye – Tuesday, Nov 1st at 6pm at PineCone Vision Center

You’re invited to attend our dry eye seminar that could help you find ways to free yourself from the pain and frustrations of dry eye syndrome and improve your quality of life.  During the seminar, Dr. Colatrella will perform tear lab screenings, discuss dry eye, common symptoms, treatment options and tests that we perform to determine which treatments are best for your individual needs.

PineCone Vision Center is a designated Dry Eye Treatment Center
Dr. Colatrella was one of the country’s first optometrists to utilize a new biologic bandage to help restore the ocular surface and lectures nationwide about his experience.  “Amniotic Membrane tissue offers many advantages over conventional treatments to help speed up healing, decrease inflammation and prevent scarring, and we are excited to be able to offer it as a treatment option,” states Dr. Colatrella. We will be discuss the new treatment option of xiidra.

We also have special testing and instrumentation for Sjogren’s syndrome that allows us to see how inflamed the eye is and what the specific cause may be.  We have developed a very sophisticated dry eye examination geared toward dry eye treatment and prevention.

Please let us know you will be joining us on Tuesday, Nov. 1st.  Please RSVP to