Is there anything more refreshing than when the snow begins to melt and the weather begins to warm? The answer is definitely no. It means that summer is right around the corner and that it’s time to put away the hats and scarves for summer accessories! The best summer accessory has to be sunglasses. They can make a statement, pull together an outfit, and add a little extra to any look. Luckily, prescription sunglasses have come a long way from the clip-on magnetic lenses we’re all familiar with. With that, we present a guide to prescription sunglasses.

There are many benefits of sunglasses, prescription or otherwise. It’s pretty difficult to enjoy a beautiful sunny day if it feels like your eyeballs are on fire. When you wear glasses this can be a problem because regular glasses don’t typically have the sun protection. That’s why prescription sunglasses are so beneficial. This is also true even if you wear contacts. When you’re at the beach or pool, contacts can get dry and itchy. Prescription sunglasses help you see and protect from the harmful UV rays.

Another great thing about prescription sunglasses is that the possibilities for frames and styles are really endless. Often, people associate prescription sunglasses with transition or magnetic lenses. Those are no longer the only options. You can even speak with your eye care center about fitting prescription lenses in your favorite frames. Many of your favorite designers now make prescription sunglasses so you’ll be trendy and practical all the same