Eyeglasses are something that not everyone has to wear but everyone likes to accessorize with. Whether you’re blocking the sun, wearing readers, or need corrective lenses for vision purposes, glasses can make a statement all on their own. As the new year approaches, we wanted to share some of the up and coming eyewear trends for 2019 and yes, we think treating yourself to some new glasses is a GREAT resolution!

The 90s Called:
No, you’re not hallucinating, the 90s are now considered “retro” and vintage vibes have always been trendy. This means that the 90s nostalgia is impacting the fashion world and eyeglasses are no exception. 2019 promises to bring us more of a grunge feel with smaller frames and traditional shapes. Double bridges are all the rage, especially for sunglasses. A word to the wise: be careful with your teeny, tiny shades. They might be super trendy but they don’t exactly protect your peepers from the harmful rays of sun.

Make a Statement:
If you prefer your glasses uniquely shaped, gorgeously colored, textured, or patterned, you’re in luck! 2019 is going to be your year! Designers are getting bold with everything from bling to seasonal colors. The attention is all on the details. These frames will make a statement that sets the tone for 2019!

Eye-Catching Cat Eye:
This trend has been huge for a very long time and it’s certainly not going anywhere in 2019! These frames are as much a staple of femininity as the women who made them popular decades ago. Whether you’re channeling, Audrey or Marilyn, cat eye glasses are flattering on everyone!

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