Vision Therapy

Our daughter's memory has improved and her self confidence is growing each day. She has dramatic improvements in math and reading. I tell everyone about vision therapy and our daughter's success...Thank you PineCone Vision Center!"

Our vision therapy center and the highly skilled doctors who practice at PineCone Vision Center are committed to diagnosing and fixing deficiency in visual skills. Our strategies are based on clinical research findings.

Does My Child Need Vision Therapy?

Certain conditions can negatively impact reading comfort and efficiency, especially during the reading-to-learn stage of literacy development. Affected children are typically in 3rd grade or higher and are reading paragraph-style text for long periods.

Common symptoms of visual efficiency dysfunction include:

  • Eye fatigue

  • Eye strain or discomfort

  • Headaches while reading

  • Difficulty remembering what was read

  • Words appearing to move on the page

  • Slow reading pace

  • Transient blurred near vision

  • Frequent rereading or loss of place

What Conditions Does Vision Therapy Treat?

Our therapeutic methods are grounded in a growing body of high-quality research that currently supports treatment for the following conditions:

  • Convergence dysfunction – eye teaming difficulty

  • Accommodative dysfunction – eye focusing difficulty

  • Oculomotor dysfunction – inefficient eye movements – due to convergence dysfunction

  • Amblyopia – lazy eye

  • Intermittent exotropia – wandering eye

As the research evolves, we will continue to investigate the effectiveness of vision therapy for other visual inefficiencies as well as visual-perceptual disorders.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

During your child’s comprehensive eye exam, your doctor will discuss whether your child needs additional testing based on their symptoms.

Your child will then be scheduled for an extended evaluation with one of our certified technicians to identify any visual deficits. This exam will take about an hour, and your child’s eyes will not be dilated.

The doctor will contact you by phone after going over the test results to discuss whether your child is eligible for our vision therapy program.

To summarize, enrollment would include:

  • Comprehensive eye exam – initial visit

  • Visual efficiency evaluation – separate visit

  • Consultation with doctor – via phone or email

If selected for enrollment, your child will receive in-office vision therapy once a week for up to 4 months. Regular attendance is expected, as it will significantly increase the program’s effectiveness. Between office visits, your child will be given daily homework activities which will take up to 20 minutes to complete. The doctor will prescribe and modify the therapeutic protocol based on the deficits specific to your child.

You can schedule your initial comprehensive eye exam online, and if you have any questions about vision therapy or the process for enrollment, contact our office at any time!

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